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Homemade and Handmade "Gag" Postcards from the 1960s

What is funnier than a bunch of old sexist gag drawings? Umm...not these. HOMEMADE POSTCARD erotic "gag" drawings by an anonymous amateur. What could he have possibly been thinking? Was he intending to mail them to friends? Send them to a printer to have them run off? Send them into a professional postcard company to see if they were interested? Since he appears to have had trouble writing the captions, I'm going to suggest he get a professional printer, at least. Hilarious. But not funny. At least they are colorful. I have over 50, so who knows how many he did. The standard gags are all here...women of the night, the wife, the sleazy boss, a fishing joke. Standard fare for the sixties, but done by hand? As common as clean dirt.

Collection of Homemade and Handmade "Gag" cartoon postcards, circa late 1960s. Collection Jim Linderman

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