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New and Notable Photography History Books Available from Michigan MIPHS Members Bill Rauhauser and Janice G. Schimmelman

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THREE new books are available from members of the Michigan Photographic Historical Society (one of the more active history of photography regional organizations, information on memberships follows.)

Two books by scholar Janice G. Schimmelman, who previously published the remarkable book "The Tintype In America 1860-1880" has now made available the following wonderful titles:

"The Iron Plate in American Photography: The Tintype as Art 1860-1880"


"Warren Avenue & West Side Industries: A Detroit to Dearborn Photographic Album 1920"

The links here will take you directly to a preview of the titles which you may also purchase.

Bill Rauhauser has published 20th Century Photography in Detroit. St. Paul Press, which also includes a DVD and an essay by Mary Desjarlais, by St. Paul's Press. More information on his book is available from the author at rauhauser@sbcglobal.com

The Michigan Photographic HIstorical Society Publishes a highly regarded newsletter (Now in volume 38!) each with a research article in depth and lots of news and tidbits for camera, photographica and photography collectors. Membership is MORE than reasonable, and you will be joining a group of serious scholars getting things done here in the Mitten State.

The Michigan Photographic Historical Society Website contains Membership Info.

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