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Quote and Credit


How to make ANYTHING good. Put a Monkey in it. Brooks and Dunn are Done.

A few years ago, there was a hit song by what appears to have been the last real country performers, Brooks and Dunn (shudder...even THEY would make Hank roll over in the grave, but in retrospect we didn't know how good we had it) called "Put a Girl in it" and it was great. Like all their songs, Honky Tonk enough, but pleasant and catchy so all the kids would enjoy it. The premise was that no matter what was wrong with your situation, if you put a girl in it, things would be much better. Not only were they right, I'll miss them. I suspect they are planning the first reunion tour, but i'll miss them until that. For my New York friends, Brooks and Dunn are a country duo who have sold so many records, Lady Gaga couldn't even lick their boot scootin' boots.

(A friend who sold tickets for Radio City Music Hall once told me "I can get you free tickets for ANY country act, but you'll have to pay full price for the others. At the time, NYC didn't even HAVE a country station)

When I worked in advertising (shudder again) there was seemingly a dictum that to make any ad work, all you had to do was put a monkey in it. That is, if Yogi Berra wasn't available, and HE was pretty much a monkey too now that I think about it.

"Monkey Business" original press photograph 1954 (Philadelphia) Collection Jim Linderman

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