Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Important Long Post for Fans, Friends and Followers!

A personal note...I suspect I am going to be slowing down the posts on DULL TOOL DIM BULB. Many of you know I have breathing problems...living in Times Square gave me 25 years of diesel flavored air, running in the park every night after rush hour sucked in plenty more, and 9/11 gave me another solid dose of minuscule lung fibers, so only I'm good about half-a day. I do the posts and take my medicine but it's been a long winter, I'm wore out and hung to dry. Plus, I am having such a wonderful time putting together the VINTAGE SLEAZE blog, which is going very very well indeed.

I also have to do a few other things. Dull Tool Dim Bulb Books while unprofitable, deserves attention...and another book is on the way. I have an EXTRAORDINARY story to research, it will take some time and effort but I am anxious to get started. It's almost time to start growing the tomaters. Plus, somehow I'm going to scrape up the energy to scrape down the house and paint it. I'm going to do one square inch a day...unless it rains.

I am NOT abandoning the site! Merely devoting a bit more time to the OTHER sites. I expect to post at least once a week at Dull Tool Dim Bulb, so not to fear.

In the meantime, follow the following! Just like this blog, they are "all killer, no filler."

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  1. Sorry to see you go, but good luck and take care of yourself.

  2. We're always with ya Jim.... it's always been about quality with you—not quantity. We are not going anywhere.