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Revolutionary Shoes of Che Guevara Post Mortem Photograph

Having just watched the epic, 4 hour Che film now showing on your DVD in a two part rental, I can assure you there are better films, but scarcely better performances (and channeling) than Benicio Del Torro's uncanny portrayal of Che Guevara. He even captured his asthma. The silkscreen of Che has been called the most recognizable image in the world, so it was certainly a challenging task...and watching the performance convinced me Benicio is our greatest actor working today. (Even Sean Penn, who won the Academy Award last year for Harvey Milk was surprised he won instead) But how many are familiar with THIS image, taken by an operative on the US payroll in 1967. Che's homemade shoes he was wearing the day he was killed in a shooting in Bolivia arranged by our guys. In fact, one of his last raids was to obtain asthma medicine. More information on the good doctor and intellectual Ernesto Guevara HERE. The photo is there too, but you have to dig for it. In a remarkable, unfortunate (but typical) irony of capitalistic greed, Che's image is one of the most marketable properties in the world. There are even Che SHOES for sale, but they do not look like these. At all.

Che's Shoes (Post-Mortem) 1967 Photo courtesy (and collection) of the American Taxpayer

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  1. This is one of the most moving photographs I have ever seen. Thanks.