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Quote and Credit


Parlortone releases THE oldie but goodie Dust-to-Digital

Sound is so central to life we often enjoy it but take it for granted...that is until it startles you. Imagine how startled was the first person in history to hear his own voice come back to him. The ability to RECORD sound is equal is to any of the most dramatic accomplishments achieved, and yet how easy to forget only a few generations ago it became possible. And like most stories one looks into, the commonly understood origins actually lie muffled far deeper than we thought. We think of Marconi, of Edison and of Alexander Graham Bell because our textbooks drum the names in. Dust-to-Digital has done our collective being a favor by releasing the very first intelligible recording of the human voice, and in a format that all with an interest in things audible will appreciate...a 7 inch disc which plays at 45 revolutions per minute! The sound? A 20 second recording of "Au Clair de la Lune" which lay stored away in an archive in France. I will not give away the story (which is detailed in the liner notes and involves smoke) nor am I qualified to discuss the technical aspects, but I know beauty and this is it. Once again enlisting the considerable talents of one of the the most innovative designers working in any medium (but who has chosen music) Susan Archie (who did the label) John Hubbard and Rob Millis (an artist with such a dense list of accomplishments I'm not quite sure WHAT to link to) who did the package, this is a little marvel of art, technology and the senses. A limited edition published by the new wing of Dust- to-Digital. I won't give away their slogan or too many of the graphics, go to the source.

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