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Quote and Credit


Missed Opportunity to Improve your Position in Life

Someone gave it a try but never mailed it in. This organization not only still exists, it is accredited! Known as the "Draw Me" school, they have an Alumni Gallery HERE.

Art Instruction Inc. Folded "post card" Application Form. c. 1935 with pencil embellishment. Collection Jim Linderman


  1. A friend actually did take the courses while she was in high school in the 60s then went on to art college and is doing really great. It sure beat the heck out of the high school art classes.

    I remember wanting to take the courses and my folks had one of the sales reps come to the house, but it was beyond our finances. I do remember the books my friend had from the course and I was impressed with how useful they were.

    I have no idea if the school is of any value today.

  2. Makes me think of those commercials they would have on TV for "art school". You had to mail in some sketch of a parrot if you drew it well, then I guess you were accepted. Something weird like that.

  3. As a boy, I loved to draw. When I saw the magazine ad challenging me to draw a character, which I think was a pixie, I could not resist. I drew, I filled in the form. Since I was 11, and desperate to be recognized for my skill, I lied. I said I was 18 and used the first name "John" (not my real name) but, since i was 11, and not too bright, my real last name and address.

    A few weeks later a well dressed man with a briefcase came to the door. I was prescient enough to run to the back bedroom upstairs and hide while my mother answered the door. I could hear them. "Hello, I'm from the xx School of Art. May I see John xx?" "John??" my mother said. "He died about a year ago!"

    In my quest for discovery I had forgotten that my father's brother, John, died not long before.

    My mother, a sharpie, and the art school guy quickly figured out what was up, and I was busted.

  4. Thank you so much for that personal and insightful story!