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Evolutionary Proof in St. Louis FUNNY MONKEYS!!!!!

Well, you certainly can't say the St. Louis Zoo hasn't done their part to prove evolution. These fellas, named Becky, Ellen, Tony, Cecil and, I kid you not, "Little Chief Pancho" seem to have fully evolved right out of their "near to nature haunts" as the reverse of one card reads. Apparently, their primates are so advanced along the evolutionary scale, they willingly play their favorite tunes while Mike XXX and Ben XXX conduct wielding baton clubs. (I know these cards date to 1950, but I still feel compelled to hide the trainers names to protect them from PETA) Appropriate that these cards are attributed to the "Zoological Board of Control" I realize it is hard to stifle a laugh while seeing harnessed chimps forced to circle a track on miniature horses...but please. Intelligent Design may have given us ordained dominance over the little guys, but we can still show some dignity.

Group of Post Cards depicting "The Famous St. Louis Zoo Chimpanzees" 1950-1952 Collection Jim Linderman

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  1. I just can't get these little guys out of my head, hours after first viewing them. I keep thinking, is that my cousin on the donkey? Nah, couldn't be...but there's enough of a resemblance...maybe just a little around the eyes.