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Antique American Folk Art Sculpture Carving of the Spirit of Communication Golden Boy AT&T Statue

Antique American Folk Art Sculpture Carving of the Spirit of Commication Golden Boy AT&T Statue.  An early 20th Century folk art rendering of "Spirt of Communication" also know as Golden Boy.  The wood carving is 23 inches tall and mounted (with two screws from behind) on old plywood.  Golden Boy was one of the largest sculptures in New York City, second only to the Statue of Liberty in size.  Golden Boy was created as the corporate logo for AT&T in 1914.  The design was by Evelyn Beatrice Longman.  The 24 foot tall gold leaf statue was mounted atop 195 Broadway.  For decades, the image became familiar through use on AT&T telephone directories.  The statue remained in place until 1984, when it was moved to Madison Avenue, then to Basking Ridge, New Jersey.  It is now  standing in the lobby of SBC in Dallas, a company which adopted the AT&T name.

This piece could date anywhere from the original 1914 date to the 1930s.  At some time (originally?) mounted on a large piece of plywood with screws.  This protected the piece for decades.  Plywood came into common use around 1930.  Interestingly, the sculpture has been criticized for showing the AT&T Titan of Industry tangled in his own wires.

The piece could have been created by a talented hobbyist, maybe commissioned for the organization?  Used as a display for outlying branches?  It could even be a model involved somehow in production of the actual statue. 

Golden Boy Spirit of Communication folk art wood carving sculpture.  23" tall with original paint.  Circa 1930.  Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb.

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