The Angry Bear Meets The Begging Bear Collection Jim Linderman

No comment here, really. I could tell you the story of being chased by a bear, which is true...but these photos are just too depressing. I will say for all you hikers out there, the key is to run DOWNHILL...bears don't run so well going down, but they excel at running up.

Pair of Bear snapshots No Dates Both Collection Jim Linderman


  1. I would probably want to hug one. Last hug I would ever receive.

  2. Very weird and disturbing items. Actually, I've seen a grizzly sow with two small cubs of the year rocket 1500 feet in elevation down to the bottom in a canyon in a minute or so. It would have taken me 15 or 20. Running downhill won't save you.

    Love your blogs. Thanks!