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The best "no trespassing" signs are the ones you have to trespass to read. You can click to enlarge this one, but it won't help any. Usually, the worse the sign looks, the most you want to follow the directions. I once had a shotgun pulled on me near a no trespassing sign. I had stopped not to read it, but to steal what I thought was portions of a LONG abandoned whirligig nearby. I was wrong, but learned having a gun drawn on you isn't really so bad. I was worried more about buckshot in the rental car than I was for my life.

I saw those nice boys on American Pickers buy a factory made porcelain no trespassing sign this week. Two comments. Boys? That weren't no good no trespassing sign, and you don't even KNOW "Free Styling"

Original Snapshot, circa? Collection Jim Linderman



  1. Notis – Tresspassers will be percecuted to the full extent of two hungry dogs which was never over sochible to srangers & 1 dubble brl shot gun which aint loaded with soft pillers. Dam if I aint gitten tired of this hell raisin on my place E & M Springer

  2. I have seen this before - the original may have been mentioned in the American Educator in 1909 and attributed to a Kentuckian:

    Seen also in "Law Notes" of 1909 attributed to an Illinois Farmer:

    It has been copied pretty often with minor revisions

    There's even a commercial version available

    1. GREAT WORK CLARKE! Thanks for Sharing!
      I am going to guess my original snapshot is from the 1930 to 1950 era, it is not a reproduction as it has a developers stamp on the reverse.

  3. I can read both the words trespassing and dogs. There is no way I would go near that.