Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Slide Guitar Like Daddy Real Photo Postcard circa 1926 Collection Jim Linderman

A beauty. Original Real Photo Postcard circa 1926, Azosquare back produced to the 1930s

Father and Son with Slide Guitars collection Jim Linderman


The Art of Theosophy and Fruity Pebbles Thought Form Paintings of Varley, Prince and Macfarlane







I haven't had my coffee yet, so I'm not going to explain Theosophy, a big bag of astral matter and vibrating shenanigans mixed up with strange science and fruity pebbles...but the pictures are wonderful.

Read the foundation (shaky) HERE.

(Collect them all)


Loneliness of the Chain Saw Carver

Lowliest of art forms, the Chain Saw Carver. Craft? Hobby? Tourist art? Folk Art? Akin to Ice Sculptors and Sand Castle Builders. Can a work of fine art be made with a chain saw?
Ask Tobe Hooper.

A Day in the Life of Charlie! Dull Tool Dim Bulb Behind the Scenes

It's a Dull Tool Dim Bulb EXCLUSIVE as we follow Charlie
Behind the Scenes with our unlimited Backstage Access!

Charlie touches up ascot before MTV Dance Routine

Charlie rehearses Lines with Vocal Coach

Charlie meets "the girls" before big number

Charlie instructs go-fer and lawyer

Charlie checks Auto-Tune software

After long day, Charlie get's lucky with starlet

Get your JIVE on DEEP Glad Hand from Dull Tool Dim Bulb

ABC Orchards Invents the Product Label RPPC of early Branded Produce

We routinely peel branding stickers off our fruit before eating it. Even chicken eggs are gently machine-stamped now, and individual products have had trackable chips packed with them for years. I suppose Gillette could now tell you which landfill contains the most cast off packaging from their razors. The QR box, the latest "sign of the beast" is already becoming as familiar as bar codes of the distant past.

There was a day when advertising was done by handwritten signs, and if the producer was feeling especially extravagant, a real photo post card. ABC should have put a patent on this idea instead of just a label on their apples.

ABC Orchards "The Home of the Lettered Apple" Advertising Real Photo Postcard circa 1925 Collection Jim Linderman



A Devil of Questionable Gender RPPC

I'm not quite sure if this is a devil girl or a devil boy.

Real Photo Postcard collection Jim Linderman

World's Largest Slot Machine on Dull Tool Dim Bulb

So big they had to hire several models just to pull Barney's giant knob!

Unfortunately, I am going to guess it pays exactly the same odds as the little guys, which is regulated by law, which means over time you will leave with about 8.5 cents in your jeans for every dime you play. Or these days, with your plastic "magic bonus super-winner jackpot" card purchased at the door.

Sports Tattoos Lick 'em and Stick 'em Tattoo Flash

Needle Free!

Sheet of Vintage Tattoos circa 1940 Collection Jim Linderman



Stump Dancing I know how to spell STUMP DANCING Dammit

Stupid Google. No, I am NOT looking for Stomp the musical. I know how to type. I'm doing a post on STUMP dancing. Just because a few million hand held smartphones are a pain in the butt to type on, does that mean I have to clear your stupid computerized "solutions" for me? And by the way, I'm not looking for "Jimmy Johns" either, I HATE their food. I'm searching MYSELF, you idiots.

STUMP dancing postcard 1904 Collection Jim (NOT JIMMY JOHN'S) Linderman

Dull Tool Dim Bulb Book available HERE


Promotional Comics Propaganda Pulp for the Long Haul STFU

There are several reasons for promotional comics. Some obvious, some not so. Most obvious is brainwashing of young minds. Studies show the nefarious concept of "branding" starts at a shockingly young age, and once hooked the fish is in the boat. A four-year old McDonald's fan has a good chance of being a fifty-year old McDonald's fan if blood clots and high cholesterol don't interfere.

Other uses are to sway young opinion. Nuclear power is fun and safe, Levi's are the only real rough and tough cowboy jeans, Remington BB-Guns let you kill small animals just like Dad kills big ones. but "B-B SAFE"

Also prominent is what I call the "STFU" factor. That's right, they are able to keep kids quiet on long trips. Hence crappy things like "Special Agent" above, a story which will keep junior occupied for that long rail haul through Texas (while he reads exciting tales of railroad cops tossing hobos off trains) The most common are probably Big-Boy, which are seemingly even more common than a pack of antacids on a trip across Route 66.

Shoe companies also seemed to be big users of promotional comics. I really don't know why, but there are tons of them. Crapass "Blue Bird Comics" put out this transparent rip-off of Caspar the
Friendly Ghost they called Timmy the Timid Ghost. The funniest is certainly the fake "Archie" here for Taste-Freez...My God, could the blatant theft be any more apparent?. A fake Archie, a fake Reggie, a fake Bettie and a fake Jalopy! Plus a fake "extra guy" poorly rendered who probably gets killed off early in the story. Are these colorful propaganda pulps worth anything?

Nope, and they never were.

Except for THIS one. COOL!

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So, what's with this family? The New Book by Milton Simpson

Graphic designer and gentleman Milton Simpson has published a new book which tells the story of a most unusual set of erotic folk art figures he found, his attempts to find out why they were created, where they came from and what they were used for! I know the work as the "Woodbridge Figures" but here is the story, told visually, and it is a good one! So, what's with this family? Great objects and with Milt's visual sense a beautiful book.

Mr. Simpson is already recognized for producing two of the most outstanding folk art books, Windmill Weights and the influencial Folk Erotica. To preview and order "So, what's with this family" CLICK HERE and you can also see the facsimile edition of Windmill Weights he has made available as well.

Fanny Rice (You All Know Her) At the Circus in Black and White #27

Well, maybe you don't know Fanny Rice having confused her for the much more famous Fanny Brice, but a Fanny is a Fanny. (And Fanny Rice had a big hit with the song "You All Know Her" even if you don't)

Original Vaudeville/Circus/Burlesque Photograph circa 1890 with players Identified Collection Jim Linderman

AT THE CIRCUS in BLACK and WHITE is a continuing series on Dull Tool Dim Bulb This is Entry number 27.

Horrible Handmade Postcards by Anonymous Dull Tool Dim Bulb Books

An anonymous artist aspiring to the lauded tasteless heights of the postcard industry creates an enormous but putrid body of 3" x 5" risque cards somewhere during the late 1960s. Unearthed by Jim Linderman, noted scholar of all questionable and ephemeral artistic creations, they are presented in all their glorious colored pencil quality.

The tons of commercial risque postcards which clogged tourist sites and the U.S. Mails recycled the same 25 jokes over and over, so did our amateur. What sets his work apart is the consistent ineptness! You want "low" art? It seldom gets any lower.

What was the artist thinking? He was thinking of cashing in on an industry which produced well over a million cards a year. A touching attempt at greatness. With skill not quite equal to the great cocktail napkin artists of the past, his work stands as testimony to the poor taste of his more successful peers. All that is missing is the rejection letters.

70 pages full-color 16.95 in paperback browse and order HERE

By Jim Linderman, editor of the DULL TOOL DIM BULB and VINTAGE SLEAZE blogs.