Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit

The Photo Booth an Instant History Before Warhol and After

The first photo booth was installed on Broadway in 1925 or so, then after 30 years of waning popularity they were lugged to the dump, then Andy Warhol took some cool pictures with one in 1963, then they became the darling of hipster doofus types and now they are back bigger than ever. These predate the first photo booth. All that was missing was the bench, the curtain and the coin slot.

More information at the Photo Booth site HERE. A way to turn your webcam into a vintage photo booth HERE. Nakki Goranin's Book HERE

Collection of horizontal and vertical portrait photographs circa 1915 collection Jim Linderman

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  1. Jim, I've just moved into posting all of my (X)'s - crosses on photographs & post cards here:
    I love the one with the 1 & 2, cheers from downunder!