Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit

Kicksville of Miriam Linna. Good Things come in Chapters

Some good things come in chapters. Maybe not too many folks know Miriam Linna was the original drummer for the Cramps. Maybe not too many folks know who the Cramps were. Both shall be corrected by reading a thrilling, honest, well documented and highly entertaining biography of sorts being digitized by Miriam Linna on her site Kicksville 66. I've known who Miriam is for most of my life! You can know her too, and read a REAL rock and roll tale yourself. Probably one of the last real rock and roll tales unfortunately, but you'll love it. Personally, If I had her stories I'd sign up with amazon's e-book thing and sell it, but she's obviously too generous. Highly recommended high or not. I confess to have been in love with even the POSSIBILITY of a woman as cool as Miriam Linna for as long as I remember and intend to read every word.

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  1. The Cramps! .... Fantastic.
    Can't wait to read her stories.
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.