Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit

Big Keith Gorrell of Hicksville Ohio and his Big Hollywood Ambitions

Fatty Arbuckle had better watch his step. This good looking youngster from Hicksville, Ohio has a belt 6 feet long and weighs 447 pounds. Shown here at age 18, Keith Gorrell belies the notion that Americans have only gotten fat in the last few decades. From 1921, Keith was trying out for the movies but he must not have made the cut. The only article I can find on the fine fat fellow is paraphrased above, when it was big news in Hicksville. A camera crew was there to film him "lift the fore and aft of his flivver" but it looks to me like all Big Keith left behind are these three splendid portraits from the Elkhart Studios of Antwerp, Ohio.

Three original studio photographs of Keith Gorrell, 1921 Collection Jim Linderman


  1. he obviously loves the camera..i wish my big sized brother would be as confident as he is...my brother is good loooking too only that he is very shy