Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit

The Art of the Court, of Course

Seen a picture of the Juice pretending to limp around a Florida golf course lately? NOPE! That's because he is finally in jail, serving time for trying to steal back his own autographs with a gun in the room. But at one time, he was the Bee's Knees, and I don't mean the ones he claimed he couldn't have murdered with while walking on.

Courtroom drawings are certainly the last refuge of a talented artist. No matter how great, no matter how accomplished, no matter how beautiful (like these) they will never transcend the category. They are works for hire. It is a good gig, and I am sure profitable as well. I for one abhor cameras in courtrooms, as it takes one's presumption of innocence and privacy rights and turns them into a Hollywood production. Hopefully the courtroom artist has a long, healthy career. After all, how can one be considered innocent until proven guilty if some sleazy cable network is focusing in on your sweaty upper lip and edits to show your most darting eyes and nervous tics?

Anyway, courtroom artists are indeed that, even if their talent rests somewhere between "Photo-fit facial feature" wanted posters and a sidewalk caricaturist (who'll make you look like one of the Beatles or Michael Jackson no matter what you really look like) I hope this art, however modest, avoids becoming a lost one.

Group of "Sports Memorabilia" (rather, Courtroom Drawings) Collection Jim Linderman


  1. What, you mean you want to put Nancy Grace out of business?

    Sigh. We can only wish.

    These are wonderful.

  2. I actually DID see the despicable OJ on a Florida golf course once, and he wasn't even pretending to limp. It was in 2000, and he was starting to look bloated -- not nearly as good as the courtroom artist made him appear here.