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Take Me to the Water Immersion Baptism Grammy?

This weekend, Lance Ledbetter, Co-Producer and I find out if we win a Grammy for our Book/CD release Take Me to the Water Immersion Baptism in Vintage Music and Photography in the Best Historical Release category. The competition is stiff, the other nominees deserving... but we are proud of the contribution we've made and can hope for the best! Copies of the book are avaliable from the publisher Dust-to-Digital and Amazon.

In the meantime, one the last photographs I have of a water immersion baptism. A mass-baptizing of Jehovah Witnesses on Long Island taken in 1946. It is not in the book, but maybe I'll be able to get it into the show! The Original photographs I collected were donated to the International Center of Photography in New York City and they will be exhibited there this year. Stay Tuned for updates. WISH US LUCK.

Anonymous Press Photograph, 1946 "Group Baptism of Jehovah Witnesses" Collection Jim Linderman


  1. Hey Jim, hope you win!

    f.y.i. I posted a photo of a miniature Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus by the Edwards family. It was owned by Eugenia Shorrock of Alton Bay, NH and auctioned in 1992.


    Saw the one by the Backstein family that you posted last May.


  2. Jim. You guys deserve to win. Good Luck!

  3. Oh, i'm so rooting for you to win.
    Good Luck Lance & Jim!