Vintage Sleaze Art and Illustrators It Ain't Just Paperbacks anymore!

The great new blog documenting forgotten and unknown erotic and sleazy illustrators from the 1950s and 1960s! VINTAGE SLEAZE includes everything from matchbook covers and dreadful cheesy postcards to cocktail napkins and curious fetish ephemera. Featuring the essay series by Jim Linderman on the artists of Eddie Mishkin, the mob-connected publisher who hired Eugene Bilbrew, Eric Stanton, Bill Ward and Bill Alexander to illustrate his line of trashy paperbacks. A wonderful trip backwards to a time when scratchy representations of scantily clad women were traded like drink tabs among men in bars, this site is a fascinating trip through the corridor of crude cartooning. Watch forgotten and anonymous artists consort with speed-drugged criminals! The creation of Victor Minx, notorious nattering notable of nubility and noted author. Make sure to follow Vintage Sleaze the blog. Already called "Great Fun" one reader commented "I can't believe I'm looking at pictures of my Grandma!" Chock-Full of Cheesecake without the Calories! Hot but Harmless. NO NUDITY, just Nuts. A daily dose of debased debauchery. A glorious gaggle of galitude. Need I go on?


  1. Wowsers! I wish that I were that well endowed!:)

  2. I posted it to avoid getting a reputation as a "leg man" but wowsers it certainly is.