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Quote and Credit

Odd Fellows Redwork Fraternal Lodge Quilt 1907

I don't collect folk art anymore, but who can help looking...and I certainly couldn't leave it in the pile I found it. A nice, in fact, quite nice signature Odd Fellows fraternal quilt with all the appropriate symbols, each of the TWENTY squares proudly made by the wife of one of the members. This was made for display in the lodge, not for warmth, and some squares are better executed than others giving it a lovely primitive appeal. Sorry it was too cold to take it outside and photo it properly. Real folk art isn't often seen these days. I put it on ebay where I will break even and someone who appreciates my find will hopefully display it properly.
Redwork Fraternal Odd Fellows Quilt, Dated 1907, Michigan Lodge.

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  1. wow. great quilt. Hope it went to a good home --wish it was mine