The Cookhouse by Robert D. Good At the Circus in Black and White

Chuck Wagon! "Cook House of Stevensons Brothers Circus in 1946" by Robert D. Good. For an additional photograph and biographical information on the photographer, see earlier entries in the "At the Circus in Black and White" posts.

Original Photo 5" x 7" by Robert D. Good title typed on reverse Collection Jim Linderman


  1. I'm a sucker for a Chuck Wagon, but I wonder how many kids were terrorized at the thought of walking up to that thing for food with the big clown head on the side. I personally never really had a problem with clowns (other than Bozo), but I can imagine some screaming while standing in line.

  2. I'm guessing the truck was to serve the carnys. They were probably already "clown-proofed"

  3. so cool :) hey, do you have more old carnival photos? or county fairs? 200th anniversary is coming up!