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Quote and Credit

House of Blue Lights Juke Joint

The once splendid "House of Blue Lights" nightclub outside of Athens, Georgia circa 1993. Seemingly a textbook example of African-American Architectural Iconography, there was nary a right angle to the place, and a good deal of it was intentional rather than from "settling." We knew the approximate location, but stopped at a fire station for directions, the fireman told us we were looking for "the old whorehouse" and directed us straight there. I do not know who built it, who owned it, who operated it or who shut it down, but I would have waited in line to hear the Rhythm and Blues when it opened, and I doubt you would have found a finer Juke Joint. Anyone with additional information is welcome to provide it. The last picture is your intrepid reporter trying to figure out why there are hundreds of nails pounded into the remarkable door in back.

House of Blue Lights Athens Georgia c. 1993 Original 35mm Photographs Collection Jim Linderman

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  1. Jesus Jim! You showed much more restraint than I would have had. I would have taken a few doors with me...just plain wrong, but I am weak...:)