Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Checkers in Prison Anonymous Watercolor Painting

Checkers in Prison Anonymous Watercolor Painting circa 1955 3" x 4"
Collection Jim Linderman

Antique Folk Art Birds at Water Feeder Sculpture Yard Art

Antique Folk Art Birds at Water Feeder Sculpture Yard Art Collection Jim Linderman

Large Folk Art Carving / Sculpture Articulated Man with Big Feet and Little Hands.

Large Folk Art Carving / Sculpture Articulated Man with Big Feet and Little Hands.  Nearly 22 inches tall.  Figure is wired to "walk" when cranked.  Circa 1940? 
Collection Jim Linderman

Make-Do Primitive Folk Art one drawer Stand / Desk in Original Paint Antique

A beautiful Antique Make-Do Primitive Folk Art one drawer Stand / Desk in Original Paint.  The wood came from a crate used to ship "Noiseless" matches, and the legs are wood branches.  With characteristics of a twig stand, but heightened by original paint in a lovely Green / Robin's egg blue.
34 inches tall.  

Collection Jim Linderman

Victor Joseph Gatto Nude Woman Oil Painting on Board American Outsider Artist

"Most of Gatto's paintings—scenes of everyday life in New York, exotic cultures, historical events, and tropical episodes —are packed with endless detail built up with many layers of minute brushstrokes. Gatto, a bachelor and a former featherweight boxer, lived with his widowed stepmother in the section of New York known as "Little Italy." Painters Elaine and Willem De Kooning lived in the next apartment in the late 1930s, and Elaine De Kooning and other artists encouraged Gatto's painting. His work received critical acclaim through several exhibitions in New York galleries during the 1940s and 1950s, his most productive period."  Lynda Roscoe Hartigan Made with Passion: The Hemphill Folk Art Collection in the National Museum of American Art (Washington, D.C. and London: National Museum of American Art with the Smithsonian Institution Press, 1990)

Oil on Board c. 1950 Collection Jim Linderman

Gatto in the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Gatto papers at Syracuse University  

The Art and Times of Victor Joseph Gatto in the Clarion 1988
Text in full begins on page 58 HERE

Watch your Fingers. Vintage Chinese Fireworks

Watch your Fingers.  Vintage Chinese Fireworks

Antique Folk Art Sculpture Man sliding into a Coffin

Antique Folk Art Sculpture Man sliding into a Coffin.  Depression era.  Collection Jim Linderman

How to Cook with Spirits Vernacular Photograph

How to Cook with Spirits Rotary Club Gaggle of Goblins
Books and Affordable Ebooks by the author of Dull Tool Dim Bulb HERE

Winner! Buffalo Bill Folk Art made from 4,000 inches of Crepe Paper !

First prize winner May Hauser poses with her folk art Buffalo Bill sculpture made from a coat hanger and 4,000 inches of twisted crepe paper.  

Original Press Photograph 1946 Collection Jim Linderman

Art of the Japanese Baseball Card

1949 set of Japanese Baseball Cards.

Sugar Ray Robinson and the Great Boxers in Watercolor

Sugar Ray Robinson was good.  He entered professional boxing with an 85 - 0 record as an amateur.  Nearly half of those 85 fights ended with a knockout in the first round. Credit where due, I guess...is that he invented the posse.  The entourage.  Everybody wanted to be in Sugar Ray's camp.  I am sure all the fighters painted here have similar stories.  I always hated Leroy Neiman and his garish sports paintings, but these are great.  A young, aspiring illustrator named "J. Gallagher" did them around 1950, but that's all I know about him.

Watercolor Paintings of the Greatest Boxers by J. Gallagher, circa 1950 Collection Jim Linderman

The Curio Gallery is Open for Business! Vernacular Photo of a Bizarre Gallery Vernacular Architecture

The Curio Gallery is Open for Business!  Vernacular Photo of a Bizarre Gallery.

Gus Whittles and Shows his folk art carving miracles.

Gus Putahl folk art carving display.
Real Photo Postcards collection Jim Linderman

Keychain Dummy Ventriloquist Head

Keychain Dummy Ventriloquist Head circa 1960?  Eyes move back and forth, Jaw opens to yap. Collection Jim Linderman

African American Hero of Sport Babs Wingo the Wrestler

The star here is Babs Wingo.  I am not sure if women wrestlers ever really took off, not being a fan of the sport today.  Mostly grown men in superhero costumes playing to an audience with limited education.  But I would have gone to see Babs.

Babs Wingo was no better at faking a move than the male performers, but she was out there with a few of her sisters.  What a phenom.  Her wrestling career was in the early 1950s.  At time when African-Americans were segregated and abused, Babs was traveling on the road and climbing into the ring.  One article from the time calls her and her tag team "grunters" but all the reviews were great.  "Girls please crowd at wrestling show with hold galore" reads one. What a show!

Babs apparently weighed in at 150 pounds.  Only 5' 3" and just 21 at the time.  She also painted.  I'd love to see some of her paintings.  Coming from New Orleans, she would possibly have seen painters lining Jackson Square with work for sale.

Did Babs wrestle in heels?  Hmm.

Life is good with diversity, even in the ring.  Babs blazed trails.
Here is a time capsule film.  It's great

Detail from a recently discovered wrestling poster c. 1950 Collection Jim Linderman 

Turntable Mix Master Opera Beats?

Original Press Photograph, no date.  Collection Jim Linderman

American Folk Art Construction in a Hardware Storefront Window RPPC

American Folk Art Construction in a Hardware Storefront Window which celebrates the local football team winning a big game.  Real Photo Postcard collection Jim Linderman.

Folk Art Toy Made by Hand Antique Road Construction Repair

Handmade Folk Art Road Construction Toys circa 1940.  Includes fence, barrels, numerous road signs and warnings along with red flags.  Collection Jim Linderman

25th Century Hunting Watercolor by J. Gallagher c. 1950 Science Fiction original painting

25th Century Hunting Watercolor by J. Gallagher c. 1950 Science Fiction original painting
Collection Jim Linderman

Big Chair, Small Guitar, Sideshow Performer Real Photo Postcard

Big Chair, Small Guitar, Sideshow Performer Real Photo Postcard courtesy Curley's antiques.

The Seven-Up Bottle House Folk Art Environment

The Seven-Up Bottle House made of 1200 bottles.  
Undated Postcard collection Jim Linderman

Manipulated Hand Made Postcards 1910 Folk Art for the Guys Back at Work

Three hand-colored and handmade postcards mailed in sequence in 1910.  Newspaper comic panels of Happy Hooligan (or a Happy Hooliganish spin-off) affixed to a card, then personalized with color and written references to friends or co-workers.  The address side encourages the recipient to "share with the mail boys at the Ambridge Bridge Company in PA.  Odd, but industrious! 

Collection Jim Linderman.  For similar, see the book (and e-book) Eccentric Folk Art Drawings of the 19th and 20th Century available from Blurb.com.

21" Tall Wood Carving of a Nude Woman

21" Tall Wood Cerving of a Nude Woman, likely unfinished.  Circa 1950 Studio piece.
Collection Jim Linderman

Man in a Hurry Antique American Folk Art Carving

Man in a Hurry  Antique American Folk Art Carving circa 1940 Collection Jim Linderman

The Bizarre Easter of Margaret Halpin

Drawing of Easter Egg decorating.  Margaret Halpin, New York, Circa 1950
Collection Jim Linderman
See also the book Eccentric Folk Art Drawings of the 19th and 20th Centuries HERE

Cultural Detritus of Horror: Truck Stop Pornographic Eight Track Tapes

Imagine a guy hauling a double trailer-rig, jacked-up on speed with one hand on the wheel and one in his pants.  The CONCEPT is as bad as the vision...but here comes "Spanky" with a big load.  Pun reluctantly intended.  File these pornographic eight-track tapes under "Cultural detritus" which should  have never happened. 

Someone is driving at dark and listening to cheap, truck stop smut EIGHT TRACK TAPES! 

Online, I find a few sources for information about pornographic eight track tapes.  I CAN tell you there were at least 57 in this series, as I have both number 000 and 057 here.  Collect them ALL.  Local entrepreneurs likely churned them out in seedy neighborhoods along the highway.

These obscurities would fall into the "spoken word" category of recorded sound collecting, but I don't think the fellow who purchased these originally would have alternated the playlist with a stirring speech from Winston Churchill or Robert Frost reading his poetry. 

Everyone understands by now that every advance in media is taken over by sex somehow.  From the camera to the VCR and beyond.  But eight tracks?  Don't come knocking if the rig is rocking SOLO.

All three here were decorated by the same artist.   I guess "cartoonist" is more appropriate.  The scrapheap of popular culture has spit out yet another relic of horror.

Group of X-rated Eight Track Tapes.  No date.  Circa 1970. 

Errol Flynn Amateur Watercolor before the Fall

A Tasmanian Devil smoking.  Errol Flynn was literally the "In like Flynn" guy and it is estimated he slept with 10,000 woman.  He drank "like Flynn" too and by the age of 40 was an alcoholic only offered roles playing an alcoholic, so he took to his boat and sailed the seas.  I wouldn't say he lived as a swashbuckler, but he had a hell of a short life. The studio had plenty of reasons to drop him.

Eventually he began to accept the drunk roles. 

Errol became a member of an elite club I fear is not too select, despite his fame.  That would be the club which drinks a fifth of vodka or more a day.  Wrong decision for anyone.  The fifth became a quart, then two quarts.  When he passed at the age of 59 he was one of those guys they say "had the body of an 85 year old man" about. 

He was married three times. but  who knows how many woman had his children over the course of his film career?  So there must be offspring out there.  Yup.  Sean Flynn, his son, was quite possibly captured by the Khmer Rouge, executed and later became the subject of a song by the Clash. 

Yes, Errol Flynn was born in Tasmania.  He may have been a real-life spy.  He may have been bisexual.  Here he is seen in his handsome Hollywood days.

Amateur drawing of Errol Flynn, circa 1940 Collection Jim Linderman