Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit

Vintage Photographs of Arcane Americana by Jim Linderman and Blurb Books

A disparate group of demented images which share only one thing in common. All appear in the brand new Dull Tool Dim Bulb book (and Ebook for iPad) VINTAGE PHOTOGRAPHS of ARCANE AMERICANA:THE JIM LINDERMAN COLLECTION which is now available. Some 200 photographs which took ten years to collect and two nights to put together into a book!

Sorry typo fans...no text!

The download, in crisp digital format is only $5.99. The less sharp physical paperback book, 150 pages, is $28.95. If THAT isn't an argument for the death of the book, I don't know what is.

ORDER HERE TODAY! (Free Preview too) Once there, click at right to order.

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  1. Ha! The fourth one down looks like a knife-throwing act. Have you seen this one?