Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit

Miley Cyrus versus the Fly Fisherman Feathers Hackle Tackle Lure Lore and Fashionistas

Miley Cyrus started wearing bird feathers as hair extensions. Steven Tyler did too ..a beauty trend started in Hollywood but taken from nature. Wouldn't you know it, the feathers, which are the staple of hand-tied fly fisherman who make their own lures, are now in heavy demand among fashionistas and they will pay more than the fisherman. There is a run on feathers.

Hand tied lures are part of the fly-fishing lore. Tackle makers are master craftsman, I guess. Me? I just look for cool things in my free time, and I found an enormous collection. 28 envelopes full of feathers. I'm all ruffled! As the envelopes have return addresses without zip-codes...which came along in 1963, I am guessing all these feathers are 50 years old.

Hackle is the term for a feather plume, so I guess what I have is an instant collection of tackle hackle! But if Miley wants them, she can have her dad get in touch. He ain't doing nothing.

Bird feathers! Jim Linderman All circa 1950.



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  1. I'm guessing the turkey and peacock feathers I find in my yard on a regular basis should probably be sold on ebay instead of given to my cats.