Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit

Fotofun ! The OTHER Pre-Photoshop Postcard Game! Laugh your HEADS off!

As promised, the other Fotofun product from the 1930s. See the original post HERE. This booklet was also designed to encourage lopping the heads off your loved one's photographs and pasting them on hilarious templates...70 years before photoshop! (but with a one-cent stamp twist) Send them to friends! How many were actually created and mailed? I have no idea. Any deltiologists out there with one that went through the mail, glued-on noggin intact? Seems like a collection waiting to happen!

Fotofun Post Cards original booklet 1935. "Just cut the heads off photos of the family"
Collection Jim Linderman


  1. I have gone to many, many postcard and antique shows and looked thru thousands upon thousands of cards. I have never seen one of those cards, though!