Merchants of Death Camel Cigarette Pushers circa 1935 Vernacular Photographs Collection Jim Linderman

Spreading black death with every stop, a slimy pair of smoke addicted mugs travel the country sharing their misery with others. They don't use gangsters anymore (well, not gangsters, but certainly the kind of traveling salesman one would hide their daughter from.) Now they use sophisticated "advertising agencies" to trick the young. I have always thought pushing tobacco was the lowest morally an individual can sink. It was true then, it is true now. Committing slow murder with every stop.

Set of Original Snapshots, circa 1935 "Traveling Tobacco Salesmen" Collection of Jim Linderman




  1. Hi Jim! This is my first visit to your blog....I love it! I'm an antique dealer in Williamston, Michigan, and one of the workers told me you visited our shop. I have my own blog and have fun with vintage photos myself....(click of "Vintage Photos" icon) if you have time, stop by!

  2. In the late seventies when attractive girls pushing free samples would approach a good friend of mine in the mall he would say politely and with a light tone: "No thank you, my father died of cancer" (I think his father lived to 95 and died three decades later.) One girl looked absolutely heartbroken as she connected the product she was giving away with someone's death.

  3. @Doug C

    That's a great idea. I get approached by attractive cigarette pushers all the time, and my best answer ever was "no, I don't smoke", but your friend's idea is a million times better.