Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit

Buffalo Coat Tintype Man Buffalo Bill and the Clothing of the West

A fine gent in his stylish Buffalo Coat. Actually, I am going to guess the coat is a photography studio prop to help tenderfoots look like they've been to the Wild West. And I should know, being a distant relative of Buffalo Bill. True. William F. Cody and I are related. Now that does not mean I am proud of him...in fact I can't really tell you anything at all about him!

Tintype Photograph Anonymous circa 1870 Collection Jim Linderman

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  1. Well, I have been to Bill's hotel in Cody and seen the bar Queen Victoria gave him. And I can tell you the museum in Cody, which contains tons of Bill's stuff, is outstanding. And some of the posters they have from his Wild West Show take your breath away.