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Quote and Credit

Antler House Frank Jay Haynes of Yellowstone Dull Tool Dim Bulb Unsung Hero of Photography

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Frank J. Haynes was a master photographer, but then he had a good gig for a man with a camera...official photographer of Yellowstone National Park. Mr. Haynes was born in Michigan in 1857.

The Antler House (or House of Antlers) was one of the rare "unnatural" beautiful parts of the park. In a somewhat misguided attempt to attract visitors, it was erected by man pretty much to appeal to the common Joe...after all, antlers fall off, but they do not fall off into a house shaped pile. It was constructed by Ranger Woodring in 1928, I suspect simply so it could be turned into a tinted postcard to entice visitors.

With the park firmly established on travel agendas after every home had an automobile, the antler house was taken apart. Park officials feared it would encourage others to harvest antlers from the wild, and its phony purpose had been fulfilled.

There is another photo of the Antler house by Mr. Haynes and an astounding group 60 of the 1500 photographs he took (along with other members of his family), in the park over the period of decades appears HERE on the Montana State University Flickr page.

Mr Haynes went by the name "Professor" or "F. Jay" Read more about the Professor HERE

Antler House Photograph, circa 1930 by Frank J. Haynes Collection Jim Linderman

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  1. Very cool, Jim. An earlier Ansel Adams!