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Quote and Credit

Creepy Homemade Bird Feather Victorian Postcards Extinct Practice Extinct Birds and the Most Expensive Feather

Gross handmade postcards from Borat land! Circa 1900 and circa disgusting! This year a single feather from the extinct Huia bird sold for nearly $7000.00 at an auction in Auckland. I don't think you can clone a bird from a feather, but maybe one day. Ritual objects of Native American Tribes containing eagle feathers are illegal to sell, and there are numerous other laws protecting the use of our animal friends in collectibles today, thankfully. I don't know the species here, or if the feathers match the paintings...but they are grisly and gross reminders of when Victorian "fashion" dictated the wholesale harvesting of feathers for silly hats. Not to mention post cards.

Four handmade Bird Feather postcards circa 1900 Collection Jim Linderman
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  1. I once had to design a book about the obsessive use of bird feathers in hats. The whole thing was so depressing. All for fashion. I'm not big on the fashion industry.