Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Vending Machines Read or Cut Bait (Meet the Press)

Pocket Books vending machine for paperbacks, Original Press Photo 1946 Collection Jim Linderman
Worms vending machine (open all night) Original Press Photo 1957 Collection Jim Linderman

Parlortone releases THE oldie but goodie Dust-to-Digital

Sound is so central to life we often enjoy it but take it for granted...that is until it startles you. Imagine how startled was the first person in history to hear his own voice come back to him. The ability to RECORD sound is equal is to any of the most dramatic accomplishments achieved, and yet how easy to forget only a few generations ago it became possible. And like most stories one looks into, the commonly understood origins actually lie muffled far deeper than we thought. We think of Marconi, of Edison and of Alexander Graham Bell because our textbooks drum the names in. Dust-to-Digital has done our collective being a favor by releasing the very first intelligible recording of the human voice, and in a format that all with an interest in things audible will appreciate...a 7 inch disc which plays at 45 revolutions per minute! The sound? A 20 second recording of "Au Clair de la Lune" which lay stored away in an archive in France. I will not give away the story (which is detailed in the liner notes and involves smoke) nor am I qualified to discuss the technical aspects, but I know beauty and this is it. Once again enlisting the considerable talents of one of the the most innovative designers working in any medium (but who has chosen music) Susan Archie (who did the label) John Hubbard and Rob Millis (an artist with such a dense list of accomplishments I'm not quite sure WHAT to link to) who did the package, this is a little marvel of art, technology and the senses. A limited edition published by the new wing of Dust- to-Digital. I won't give away their slogan or too many of the graphics, go to the source.

Video Killed the Chalk Talk Star

Chalk Talk. A throwback to the days when convincing the already convinced was entertaining and a bit nuts. As you will see by watching this clip of the master at work, one Peter S. Ruckman. To be fair, he does more than speak in tongues, but if you are interested, other clips of him at work will be seen by those who seek.

Chalk Talk for Young People J. W. Van De Venter No date (1900?) 96 pages
Chalk Talk Made Easy William Allen Bixler 1932 128 pages
Both Collection Jim Linderman

Practice Lines

What Does YOUR Swimming Suit Reveal #4

Last bathing opportunity of the season here (and the last swimming suit post of the year) The water temperature is around 65 degrees but that won't last long. The fences are going up on the beach to prevent drifting snand (a mixture of snow and sand). The Pronto Pup is closed and one may legally ride a bicycle through the 4 block long "downtown" again, though I don't think anyone was ever ticketed. The image is a tintype which will appear in the forthcoming book "The Painted Backdrop" in 2010. To see my other swimsuit posts, click blue subject heading below.

Untitled Tintype Photograph, c. 1890 Collection Jim Linderman

Nutty Neighbors to the North RPPC

Real Photo Postcard, c. 1910 Collection Jim Linderman


Trust me, this is just too good to only be on the old time religion blog. You'll watch twice and think of it all day.

The Drunken Hubby (Pulp, Puke and the Post Office)

I always try to figure out my own posts. Witness this ad for a product claiming to cure alcoholism. I found it in the 1952 issue of My Romance (Actually, that would be a good post too, so here ya go!) Good enough...kitschy, graphically interesting, a nice cartoon image of a fellow in the throes of drunken misery. So, end of post, cool pics, g'night. I dug around a bit. The product is an emetic, that is, it makes you violently hurl (and I don't mean hurl your bottle at that hole in the plaster). The makers of the product were taken to court for mail fraud some 22 years after this ad appeared. Note the small print in the ad. "MAY BE TAKEN IN SECRET, a few drops eliminates desire for more alcohol" The manufacturers intended for troubled spouses to sneak it into hubby's drink and make him vomit himself into sobriety! Not good medicine, as the experts testify. Fascinating reading of the case HERE.

Evangelist Wilber R. Ogilvie Big Truck of Salvation

Wilber R. Ogilvie Salvation Divine Healing Revival
Linen Poscard, c. 1950? Collection Jim Linderman

She Loves Me! Pull the Ribbons Postcard

Imagine being the recipient of the card above.

"Pull a Ribbon" Love Card circa 1900 Collection Jim Linderman

Near Pratfall (Meet the Press)

Two Original Press Photographs, hand-embellished, 1937 Collection Jim Linderman

Big Smooth Landboats (Drive!)

Images from Buick Airborne 1958 Promotional Poster General Motors, Flint Michigan Lithograph Collection Jim Linderman

Things to Make

Tiny Lord's Prayer from Zion Illinois RPPC

Well, I'm posting an enlargement to keep teeny tiny writer George Chenoweth honest. He claims this microfilm size Lord's Prayer is written NINE TIMES in the space of a postage stamp. 645 words, 2489 letters, and his name and address is also written in full. Squint. Count. Ta DAH!!!!!

Please also note I have started a "line extension" which is a term used in advertising to indicate a new flavor for an old product. That would be "OLD TIME RELIGION" on which I am posting just that, and every damn day rather than just saturday nights as I used to here. Feel free to follow! It's gonna be Heavenly!

The miniature Lord's Prayer on a Postage stamp sized piece of paper on a Real Photo Postcard, Collection Jim Linderman

Brenner, The Bozo of Baltimore (And Bozo vs. Brozo)

Stephen G. Brenner was not only the Bozo assigned the Maryland beat, he was also involved with carnivals and sideshows all his life. Brenner was born in 1894 and published his autobiography "My Life Story as a Clown" in 1978. He was an early, if not the first Bozo. Incidentally, There is a list of dozens of regional Bozos listed in Wiki. Larry Harmon is, of course, the most famous, but my favorite is Victor Trujilo of Mexico City who created "Brozo el Payaso Tenebrosco" (Brozo the Creepy Clown) shown here in a clip with his inspiration the Mexican Bozo.

Real Photo promotional card for Stephen G. Brenner, Collection Jim Linderman

The Rise of True Crime: 20th Century Murder and American Popular Culture (and the delivery system missed)

An interesting read and a few tiny, hand-held examples the author missed. Jean Murley discusses the rise of "true crime" as a form of entertainment in a scholarly but readable manner. At least I read it all, and my attention span lasts as long as a grape fizzie in warm water. From pulp magazines in the 30's to websites trading rumors circling around the latest "missing white woman of the week" a very nice survey of media channels through history clamoring for the lurid market. You HAVE to love a book with the phrase "incendiary ambulance-chasing pseudojournalist Nancy Grace..." The trading cards date to the 1930's, a fabulous set of 240 true crime cards, each with the thrilling exploits of a lawman fighting a gunsel...and like it should be, the good guys always win. Book is linked at right.

Set of G-Men and Heroes of the Law Trading Cards, c. 1936. Collection Jim Linderman

Sing Along with Jesus and Roy

Several more children's gospel records are posted at old time religion

The Lord is Counting on You by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. 5 inch sound recording disc Collection Jim Linderman

Book and Job Printers Upstairs

Original Photograph, circa 1900 Collection Jim Linderman

International Center of Photography

Just a quick note to remind all to JOIN and FOLLOW the International Center of Photography. It is an incredible institution and the exhibits are outstanding. The course list, which I just received in the mail, is extensive and impressive. Membership is not only affordable, it is tax deductable. It also includes reciprocal memberships at many photography institutions around the country, likely one or two near you. Their website is state of the art and their blog "FANS IN A FLASHBULB" is intelligent, beautiful and manages to achieve a historical presence with a contemporary appeal. Plus, I wrote them a question in the comment field once, and the answer was informative, well-researched and appreciated!

Little Girls and Big Dogs: The Wonderful World of Frank Wendt Photographer

Five Cabinet Card photographs, Frank Wendt. C. 1895 Collection Jim Linderman

Love Awakening Zones Marriage Manual

Images from a 30 page Untitled "Marriage Manual" No Publisher, No date c. 1920? Collection Jim Linderman

Announcing OLD TIME RELIGION! Vernacular Photography Ephemera and Miracles from the Jim Linderman Collection

old time religion!

The newest blog revealing miracles from the Jim Linderman Collection!

" Vernacular religious detritus from the Jim Linderman collection of photography and ephemera. Jesus is my jet plane and I have the Lord on speed dial. Old Time Religion is a natural line extension from Dull Tool Dim Bulb, where posts of this nature occur every Saturday night while the rest of you are sinning. Wake up, it is Sunday morning! Praise the Lord and Click to Enlarge! "

I will continue to post the sacred, the saved and the glory of salvation here of course...but then Old Time Religion has a link to send a prayer message directly to GOD.

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Large, Ugly Composite Photograph, 1890 Collection Jim Linderman