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Astounding Neanderthal Man Sculpture c. 1950 from Michigan

An extraordinary sculpture made by the self-taught sculptor of Michigan John Van Haver, who passed away at the age of 95 recently.  Mr. Van Haver was  a self-taught expert in the field of casting and metallurgy. He was a professional body builder and artist, creating paintings, sculptures and castings and also in restoring the amazing  Loeb castle in Charlevoix, Michigan.  The original builder of the mansion,  a Sears exec, produced a son who was part of a most scandalous murder case known as Leopold and Loeb

The castle, gone to ruin, was built in 1918 but had fallen into disrepair.  Mr. Van Haver restored it and created art and castings in it as a studio.  It is now a popular tourist attraction HERE

I was fortunate to obtain the striking sculpture he made of Neanderthal man, which is nearly life-size.,  I date it to the 1950s. 

Large clay sculpture by John Van Haver 1916 - 2012 Collection Jim Linderman

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