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Quote and Credit


Horrible Handmade Postcards by Anonymous Dull Tool Dim Bulb Books

An anonymous artist aspiring to the lauded tasteless heights of the postcard industry creates an enormous but putrid body of 3" x 5" risque cards somewhere during the late 1960s. Unearthed by Jim Linderman, noted scholar of all questionable and ephemeral artistic creations, they are presented in all their glorious colored pencil quality.

The tons of commercial risque postcards which clogged tourist sites and the U.S. Mails recycled the same 25 jokes over and over, so did our amateur. What sets his work apart is the consistent ineptness! You want "low" art? It seldom gets any lower.

What was the artist thinking? He was thinking of cashing in on an industry which produced well over a million cards a year. A touching attempt at greatness. With skill not quite equal to the great cocktail napkin artists of the past, his work stands as testimony to the poor taste of his more successful peers. All that is missing is the rejection letters.

70 pages full-color 16.95 in paperback browse and order HERE

By Jim Linderman, editor of the DULL TOOL DIM BULB and VINTAGE SLEAZE blogs.


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